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Grapidly Inc. is a mission-driven company with strong roots grounded in optimizing operations for small to mid-sized businesses.  

We were founded on the principle that every small company around the world has the potential to reach success, and being priced out from access to innovative business tools, market intelligence, and technology solutions will no longer be an impediment.

Company Values

01.  We Build Globally &Live Locally. 

We harness the power and scale of our global operations to deeply connect with the cities, companies, and business owners that we serve, every day.

02.  We are customer obsessed. 

We work tirelessly to earn our customers’ trust and business by solving their problems, maximizing their earnings or lowering their costs. We surprise and delight them. We make short-term sacrifices for a lifetime of loyalty.

03.  We celebrate differences.

We stand apart from the average. We ensure people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome. We encourage different opinions and approaches to be heard, and then we come together and build.

04.  We act like owners.

We seek out problems and we solve them in the shoes of the companies we serve. We help each other and those who matter to us and treat each business like our own.


"Deloitte made for small business, by small business."

Alma Peterson | CRO & Co-Founder


Grapidly. was founded officially in 2018, but began as a startup incubator back in 2005, in Southern California. 

Some of the original founders worked for early stage companies such as UberAirbnb, Facebook, and Dropbox, and helped take them to where they are today.  

Because of this, Grapidly has been able to attract a high caliber of talent to bring non-traditional ways of looking into the broken landscape of business and marketing consulting.  The end result was a new and fresh perspective, coupled with a sound methodology for analyzing business and market health metrics for small and medium sized businesses.



Our Team 


Alma Peterson


Alma Peterson is the Chief Revenue Officer at Grapidly Inc. She develops and leads the programs and processes that will distinguish Grapidly as a 21st Century Company and deliver uniquely against our mission.  

Alma oversees three core areas of the business: our operating systems, the teams that enable Grapidly to function including Trust, Customer Experience and Payments, and the company’s legal, policy and communications teams.

Most recently, Alma was the Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer and was responsible for business engagement and operational strategies with respect to public policy, community mobilization, legal, communications, compliance, social impact and employee experience teams.


Ryan Iwanski 


Ryan Iwanski is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Grapidly Inc.  Ryan plays a leading role in driving key strategic initiatives across the global business. Previously he oversaw the creation of Grapidly from product, data science, business development, and performance marketing teams. Ryan became an entrepreneur in his youth, running a business while he was in high school that sold to clients in more than 20 countries. He earned a degree in Mass Media and Marketing, and held several leadership positions before co-founding Grapidly. 


Emily Cho

CTo & CO-Founder 

Emily is serving as Grapidly's Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. She leads the company’s global engineering efforts across three continents. Prior to Grapidly, Emily was the CTO of American Eagle, and held a number of senior engineering positions at Amazon. She is a Trustee and Board Chair of the Technology Committee for (Formerly the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology) She is a named inventor on 14 patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


“Not having the proper insights
and tools for your business
is like
not wearing your seatbelt.”

ryan iwanski  |  CEO & Co-Founder